The membership of the Commission comprises a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman and four part-time members. In accordance with the Environmental Management Act, 2000, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago appoints members of the Commission for a term not less than three years under such conditions of service as determined by the President. The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are required to be Attorneys-at-Law of not less than ten years standing. The Chairman is the principal officer of the Commission responsible for its judicial functions and general administration. The part-time members are required to be appointed by the President from among such persons as are qualified in the areas of environmental issues, engineering, natural sciences or the social sciences. The composition of the Commission is designed to ensure that the Commission is comprised of persons with qualifications training and experience in both the legal and technical aspects of the complex environmental matters ventilated before the Commission. As a superior court of record, the Commission ensures that the decisions are impartial and based on a sound consideration of the legal and technical issues before it.

The staff of the Commission is headed by the Registrar, an Attorney-at-Law. The Registrar is the principal administrative officer of the Commission and manages the Registry and the other support services to ensure that the Commission's objectives are met in the most efficient and effective manner. The Registrar is supported in this role by the Registry staff. The staff of the Commission is employed by the Government and operate in accordance with the Government's fiscal, human resource, management and other policies. Being however, the staff of a superior court of record the staff remain dedicated to supporting the objectives and goals of the Commission and preserving its integrity and independence as a superior court of record.


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